Total Vouchers: 94,155    Total Saved: $29,799,545

Fine Print

  • Dine in Only
  • Expires in 1 Year
  • Limit 10 per person
  • Up to 10 Vouchers as gifts
  • Valid once the deal closes
  • Limit one per table of 3 and
  • Two Vouchers for Tables 4 or more
  • Tax and gratuity not included


  • Perfectly cut sushi
  • Expertly rolled maki
  • Award winning service
  • Diverse and delicious menu
  • Located at Yonge & Eglinton
  • Freshest fish & highest quality ingredients



Sushi Kai Restaurant

The rice and fish delicacy served with a dash of wasabi sauce has many takers across the world. Sushi makes for one of the five basic tastes in Japan. There are more offerings such as sashimi, rice wine, yakitori and more from the teppanyaki grill that makes Japanese cuisine a  delectable. For sushi lovers here is an offer from Sushi Kai- pay $13 for $40 Worth of Sushi, Japanese Cuisine and Drinks at Sushi Kai. Indulge in miso soup, avocado salad, yakitori and more while here. And for sushis choose for those with crab, octopus, clam, red snappers, salmon and more.



"I frequent several sushi locations, but for consistantly well made, tasty sushi and good pricing this is where I gravitate to when I get that sushi craving. The friendly staff is a bonus." By An Urbanspoon User

"As a sushi connoisseur I have a simple, golden rule: if the preparation of the meal takes longer than it would take me to find an ocean, physically capture a fish and/or harpoon it might be a redneck.  ha HA!  See what I did just there?  I turned that into a Jeff Foxworthy reference!  So topical!  So timely!  I am a comedic genius. Anyhoo, Sushi Kai is good times.  Consistently friendly service with a HUGE smile - these people must be hopped up on goofballs or something because they're so damn happy to have you.  Nice fresh fish, quick prep - all good.  The maki isn't too ricey either - I hate it when some places roll the maki up with so much rice that it's like eating a hockey puck.  Sushi Kai doesn't make that mistake - their stuff is well-constructed, like the fantasy life with Megan Fox I have established in my imagination. Bonus points for the washroom hallway cleverly hidden behind a backlit bedsheet.  I think it's a bedsheet - I don't have sheets on my bed because the orderlies think I'll kill myself - but that's a whole other kettle of fish.  GET IT?  Oh shit I did it again with the comedy.  By A User

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